Have a look at the 5 reasons why you should have an SEO Campaign in place.


SEO is Less Expensive Than PPC

In comparison to PPC or banner ads, which can easily cost between £500 to £5000 per month — plus the cost of someone to manage them for you, if you hire an SEO consultant who sets up your tackle and teaches you how to fish, you will be set going forward to get top rankings with normal business efforts.


SEO is Consistent (and Growing)

Search engine optimization brings customers to your website on a regular basis.

While there are more and more people coming to the web each year, your selected search phrases will continue to grow.

Why pay more and more each year? Do proper SEO and reap increasing benefits from consistent searches.


SEO Can Increase Your Company Branding

Sure you can do PPC advertising, and you probably should if your SEO efforts are new and you need traffic to convert to customers.

But a website that ranks high is seen by more customers.

Imagine…which would have more benefit: you paying for PPC advertising *and* showing up in the top organic listing, *or* you just paying for PPC advertising?


Reliable Reach Through Search Engines

Using PPC advertising, your brand and company offering are only available as long as you have funds in your account.

If you set your daily budget to £250, once you hit those number of clicks (and, yes, your competitors click on your link too) then your ad ceases to display.

Whereas with an organic listing at the top of search engines, your company and product offerings continue to be seen over and over again, with no added cost.


Less Marketing Risk

While many marketing professionals will lead you to believe that you’re accepting more risk with SEO (see Google Panda and Penguin updates), the truth is that if you are doing proper SEO without any grey or black hat techniques, you will not be penalized.

Why would Google penalize you for writing great content and creating great infographics?

They wouldn’t.

Google and Bing are only penalizing the cheaters who try to fake authority through creating tons of terrible inbound links, writing terrible/useless/thin content and generally trying to “game” their algorithm to show up higher in the search engine results.